At the Marathon Ready!

May 11, 2017


By John Lockhart

   Liz is a double Vet—at least—the U.S. Navy and “about five or six memorable marathons, including the ”Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Right now she’s training for that primo race next month and hoping for “June Gloom.”  Liz posts a marathon PR of 4:39.

  Joining up with FR&W San Diego in December, Liz likes running and training with club members and with those of the San Diego Track Club, especially track workouts, timed speed, intervals and distances over five days a week.

  Tuesday’s early evening runs, and Saturday fun runs and walks followed by the club breakfast get together are on Liz’s to-do list, as is visiting a fave fuel-up spot, Napizza on University Avenue in Hillcrest.  She likes socializing and “hanging out” with runners and walkers in the club.

  Nowadays, Liz is part of a San Diego hospital Emergency Room lifesaving team “on call 24/7,” following her 16-years as a Navy SEAL and diver engaged in search and recovery missions that included downed F18 Hornet jet fighter pilots in the Western Pacific and in Asian countries.