2016 Chair – Andy Kleinke and Vice-Chair, Dave Hallen

November 9, 2016

35th Anniversary member series by John Lockhart

An interview with the 2016 leadership of Front Runners & Walkers, San Diego after AIDS Run and walk event in San Diego

Andy—Grew up in Northern California, undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz, graduate degree from Boston University in Chemistry. Arriving in San Diego to begin a new position in 2013, he joined the club during his first week in town. Andy’s running criteria are “any surface, any time,” with distances ranging from 5K to the ultras, 100K and 100 miles!

David—Hails from Central California, and arrived in San Diego to attend SDSU, earned a Bachelor’s, continued at San Francisco SU for the MBA. While in the Bay area, he joined BayLands Front Runners. Returning to San Diego in 2001, he runs 5 and 10Ks.

You both just finished the San Diego AIDS Walk this morning, what was the club’s representation, and how did the event go?

David: Twenty-two Front Runners and Walkers were there and we raised about $2000. It was a friendly, familiar course, mostly along the Pride parade route.

Andy: Debbie Chaddock won her age division in the 5K run!

What are some highlights of 2016 so far?

Both: The biggest-ever Pride 5K with 900-some runners and walkers over the high visibility Pride parade route in Hillcrest that included live TV and an interview with Andy on a local TV station. Membership is growing; a new high could be reached at the October membership party.

On November 12th the club celebrates its 35th anniversary with a Gala banquet at the Holiday Inn Bayside, can you share a sneak preview of what members, their family and friends can look forward to?

Andy: Our anniversary theme is ‘Reflecting on the past and looking to the Future,’ a bit of history, a time to relax, reflect and reconnect, perhaps with a surprise or two. ‘Show up and find out!’ Meanwhile, let us know questions at chair@fr&wsd.org

How is membership going?

Both: We had over 50 join us on Sunday, October 9th@ DiMille’s Italian Restaurant, to renew their membership. We're seeing a broad range of runners and walkers from all levels join the club recently due to our social media outreach and by adding different activities.

Andy: ‘One on one works best!’

The annual Holiday party is muy popular. Any details yet?

Both: Think reception, and yes, gifts, some in the ‘white elephant’ mode for quick swapping. For details, keep an eye on the weekly newsletter and our website.

As the New Year approaches, what’s the state of Front Runners & Walkers and what can be expected in 2017?

Both: The club is in really good shape, we’re financially secure, blessed with high-energy and enthusiastic members, a group of great people. For 2017 look forward to local running and walking options, and races here and elsewhere. Along the way, perhaps begin planning to participate in the Gay Games in Paris in 2018.