Running and Walking Routes

All running and walking courses begin at the southeast corner of 6th Avenue and Laurel Streets in Balboa Park.

Walking Route

Walkers follow a 2.5-mile course through the park. The course follows the Prado, around the Aerospace Museum, past the Spreckel's Organ Pavilion, back to the Prado, around the fountain, over to the zoo, down behind the conservatory, in front of the Old Globe Theatre and back to Sixth and Laurel.

Running Routes

Our Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday running routes include:

Sunday Long Runs

Sunday long runs assure distance training on varying courses.

Long runs meet at 8:00 am unless otherwise noted.

Long runs range from 6 to 13 miles—the distance varies depending on what races are upcoming and who shows up—usually there are several distances. Most of us go to breakfast afterwards. Attendance has been 4 to 10 people.

Some of the available long runs

Other Routes

Check  the San Diego Track Club  website for descriptions and maps of other local routes.