San Diego: Balboa Park, at the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Laurel Street. [Map]

Alternate location when a large public event conflicts: the War Memorial Building at the north end of the Zoo parking lot. [Map]

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North County: In Carlsbad - Beautiful MaGee Park at the corner of Coast Highway and Beech Street, in front of Heritage House on the south side. You'll see us holding down the park bench just at the edge. [Map]
Saturdays at 9 am. Join us for 4 and 5 mile runs, some on the sand, plus various runs and walks in downtown Carlsbad.


Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm, when the Balboa Clock Tower chimes. Members gather about 10 minutes prior.

Saturday runs and walks are preceded by announcements at 8 am, and stretching for runners. Groups meet for post-run breakfast.

Sunday long run schedule is developed based on the race schedule. Training groups meet at various points throughout the city to build mileage and enjoy the great San Diego scenery. See Facebook calendar for latest information.


Runs are from three to six miles (5 to 10 km).

Walks are about 2 1/2 miles (4 km).

 Balboa Park