San Diego FR&W go to the Show!

March 7, 2016

By John Lockhart

A high-spirited crowd of club members joined the Diversionary Theatre sold out house on Thursday evening, March 3, 2016 for a performance of “Now Or Later,” by Christopher Shinn.

The club’s Jerry Hick, a Diversionary Theatre trustee and the treasurer, put the evening together for the 27 club theatregoers. From 6 to 7PM,  everyone mixed, and mingled while sampling food provided by nearby PARKHOUSE EATERY with libations from a cash bar, in the red-white-and-blue bunting bedecked lobby, a nod to the play’s story line.

It’s a U.S. presidential election eve, with the candidate his closeted gay son, son’s straight college chum, mother, and campaign staffers grappling with a huge, last minute crisis, set in a luxe hotel room.

In pre-show comments, Matt Morrow, the theatre’s Executive Artistic Director, who directed “Now Or Later,” thanked the audience for spending “Happy Hour with me,” and traced the play’s journey from its premier at the Royal Court Theatre in London to the first U.S. production at the Hartford Stage in Boston, both in 2008, and his work with the playwright that brought “Now Or Later” to Diversionary in San Diego for its west coast premier. “Now Or Later” closes March 13.

Cruising the lobby preshow, a questioner learned from mixologist, Beth, that Red Wine was the top drink choice, while Richard allowed as how he was “drinking Whiskey like a man,” and David bestowed “approval of the food.” Another foodie: “Lots of eaters.”

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