Past Co-chair Feature: Jerry Buckley: 2011, 2012

October 4, 2016

35th Anniversary series by John Lockhart

With the advantage of hindsight, 2011 was perhaps one of transition for Front Runners & Walkers. What’s your take, and what happened during your watch?

I joined in 2006 and found the club a good connection with like-minded people that I enjoyed. I was in New York City for all of 2009 and part of 2010, and joined Front Runners there. Reconnecting here in 2010, I found club membership declining, more walkers than runners, no Pride Run, no newsletter, and a low energy level. In six or so months I was recruited to run for co-chair, did so, and elected. With a new and energized board we agreed on the need to change the by-laws from the co-chair model to a chair and vice chair model, and the membership ratified the change in a referendum vote.

How do you feel about where the club is today?

I couldn’t be more thrilled! Current members are welcoming new runners and walkers with a wonderful diversity of abilities. Qualities of leadership are high, so is enthusiasm. The number of men and women volunteering is impressive. Club social activities, especially around running and walking events, are impressive. The success and growth of the annual Pride Run and Walk is phenomenal. The weekly email calendar emailed to members is a great information tool, as is the club web site. Let’s bring back the tradition of an annual club photo, and club T-shirts!

As a competitive runner, what are you planning for 2017—and some past highlights?

Four big ones: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Half, and the San Diego Half here, plus the Mammoth Mountain Half in the Sierras. A great high for me at the Koln Gay Games in 2010 was hearing my name called as winner of the Bronze medal—I didn’t expect to—in my age division in the Half Marathon.

As a man of the arts, what’s your role in the San Diego arts community?

Always a volunteer! I love dance, theatre, and music. I’m president of the Mo’ oleo Performing Arts Company, and a consultant to the San Diego City Commission for Arts and Culture. I joined the development committee for Diversionary Theatre this year. From 1986 to ’91, I served as president of the San Diego Performing Arts League.

What’s going on between you and Mammoth Mountain, the eastern Sierras resort?

A great experience! The resort is establishing a new program for disabled youngsters to participate in skiing, snow boarding, and other winter activities at the ski resort—and I’m a consultant. The drive north is spectacular, I’m there a week or so every month, and look forward to the challenging and oxygen-deprived Mammoth Half Marathon in in June.