Meet member: Gary Ventura

October 27, 2016

35th Anniversary member series by John Lockhart

Gary ran the La Jolla half marathon, “my first and last,” in 2004, a year after joining the club, Nowadays, he walks 4-5 miles most mornings, and tops off at Sixth & Laurel on Saturday with the club. He’s frequently seen at 24HR Hillcrest pedaling the elliptical, lifting some weights, and taking yoga classes.

Sort-of an around-the-world person, Gary, born in the U.S., grew up in Sicily, went to San Diego State University, earned a bachelor and masters degree there that included a stint in Taipei, Taiwan where he learned Mandarin.

Gary and partner Jim Hilton were married in 2008 during the ‘window of opportunity’ before the passage of Prop 8. They go on cruises together and with friends, seeing lots of the world in Asian waters, and the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Closer to home, Alaska cruises are faves.

Gary shares that Front Runners & Walkers is a great club for meeting people, making friends and enjoying social options in a nice environment.