Meet former co-chair Carol Clark (2000)

October 19, 2016

35th Anniversary series by John Lockhart

Recruited to be club co-chair, were you an eager and glad recruit, and what was the real experience like?

Apprehensive! I had only been in the club for six months when I was approached about becoming co-chair. Many people, including past co-chairs encouraged me. From those conversations I learned about the position and the club background. The real experience was extremely enjoyable with lots of work.

Keeping in mind the adage, ‘the past remembers better than it lived,’ share some highs?

All the club activities were amazing; races, pasta dinners at the Big Kitchen water stations. I’ll never forget the Carlsbad and Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons water stations, especially at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot the last one before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Finish, many struggling runners still had the strength to say ‘Thank You!’ And our members, who turned out for water station duty at 4:40 AM!

A devoted and consistent walker, what’s your stride?

A lifelong commitment got it from my father. I walk 3+ miles six days a week. It’s relaxing, stress relieving and fun, alone, with club member in Balboa Park, and just about anywhere.

With a history of volunteering, tell me about three projects: working to elect a San Diego City Council candidate, performing a ‘cleanup’ job at Diverimg_0422sionary Theatre, and organizing a food-distribution program.

I volunteered for Stephen Whitburn’s 2008 campaign for San Diego City Council. We walked door-to-door, staffed campaign booths at neighborhood fairs and events, and I cohosted a fund-raiser in the garden at a club member’s home. And, of course, I voted for Stephen. Two of us tackled a sticky clean up job at Diversionary Theatre, removing layers of gummy tape from the seat backs accumulated over years of taping names to them. Twice weekly, at my building, Vons donates food for needy residents. A group of us receive, sort and distribute the food to needy senior residents.

Long a Hillcrest denizen and now a downtown high-rise dweller, share downtown tips and treats for walkers?

I recommend walking by the Bay, Seaport Village, USS Midway, Star of India and other ships along the Bay. Harbor Island is a great destination. Follow the Bayside ribbon path to the island, then two choices, left, toward the city to the end, or right to the end facing Pt. Loma, each walk is about the same distance with great views and breezes, peaceful, beautiful.