Barbara Morton shares her story

October 11, 2016

by John Lockhart

In 1982 I joined Front Runners at the suggestion of a co-worked, Jeff Wynne, just as I was coming out. It was scary to show up, but I did, and pretended to be a runner—from Sixth & Laurel to Marston Point and back.

Over the years the club has helped me get over shyness, though I still am, and meet the challenge of race walking. Now I walk three times a week with the club, friends, and my spouse, Mary Severine, and attend seniors exercise classes at The Center.

In the club’s earlier years there were more women in the club than now. Being club membership co-chair in 1983-’84 was a good experience, and taught me lessons in talking with people and making them feel welcome. It’s amazing the club has lasted this long and continues to attract new members.