5Ks and 5 miles Suit Evan’s Style

September 29, 2017

evan 2
Evan Bartholomew goes for the 5K, found out about the club when he registered for the Pride 5K in July, and joined up in August. Now a regular Monday,  Wednesday and Saturday five-miler with the club, he likes the Saturday breakfasts + conversation at Big City Bagels in Hillcrest. 
Migrating from Hawaii to San Diego via Long Beach, in February, he lived south of Hilo on the Big Island. The San Diego magnet being family, friends and the “great city.”
Evan says, referring to speed—“This is a fast club, it’s fun keeping on my toes.” A late summer highlight, he adds, was a beach run of about four miles beginning in La Jolla and finishing in Pacific Beach. 


by John Lockhart